Investment in Kent

As we have refined our product range we have identified places we can develop. There was a need within our design team to expand our capabilities so we have made an investment in new software and development training. We are able to design and quote jobs faster than before and balance the workload more evenly across the team.

We are proud of our specialist work force. We have over 150 years of experience and knowledge between us in the play and leisure industry. Our senior staff are now mentoring the younger generation. Working alongside apprentices and work experience students from our local area allows them to pass on their knowledge and experience. We are working with local colleges to create more apprenticeship opportunities for future students.

Park Leisure are currently heading to towards the end of a successful two year placement for an individual who has achieved course completion three months early benicar hct. We are now in collaboration with the college to provide a specially written course that meets the needs of the play industry. We consider this approach to be very innovative for manufacturing companies in Kent. Our aim is to recruit another apprentice this September. This is another investment in our future that we believe is key to keeping manufacturing in Kent.

Furthermore we hold regular Toolbox talks for our factory staff. This ensures they are up to date with current Health and Safety and working practices. Our office staff receive both in house and external training to meet their needs. For example, we are currently of implementing Easy PQQ software to streamline our tendering process. This will make tendering quicker and more accurate as result.

Finally we have this brand new website. We have aimed to provide you with more content than before and make it easier to navigate. More news will be added to keep you up to date with all our stories and photos from installation. Have a browse and let us know what you think.

The future is exciting at Park Leisure & Sport Ltd. We look forward to showing you everything we have been working on.

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