Technical Specification

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When it comes to designing a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) there is no one size fits all, as every community, sports club or leisure space will have a unique need. Park Leisure has been delivering ball courts for 25 years and has developed a 3 tier system to help you find the right product to fit your budget.


Sport ZONE

Our strongest mesh panel, weighing in at 46kg for a 2m x 1m panel, is the most robust option available on the market. Fitted with neoprene noise reduction pads, any sound resulting from impact on the fence will be isolated. The mesh formation produces the most true rebound on the market allowing for better control. They are also available with the unique feature of curved corners to continue competitive play for longer.


Every location is different and that is why we understand and treat every ballcourt  differently. Our hybrid option allows you to use a mixture of both our heavy duty  Sport ZONE panels and our super rebound  Play ZONE panels. Whether you want heavier duty panels on the sides, ends or just the goal area we can meet your needs.


Designed with mixed mesh apertures, the lower panels have high density mesh for maximum strength in the contact areas. The sound dampening fixings greatly reduce noise generated bounce against the panels. Super rebound will improve street style football techniques.

Manufacturing Quality

Park Leisure manages all the stages of its manufacturing chain and all of our materials are sourced locally using suppliers that have been audited through our ISO14001 System. We achieve this through the use of an experienced technical team and a wide array of specialised modern machinery which ensures our clients are managing their carbon footprint targets. This autonomy and in-house knowledge contribute to efficiency and quality in an environment where the safety of the equipment and user are primary concerns.

  • Our ballcourts, goals and kick walls are manufactured from heavy duty grid panels with 25x3mm high carbon mild steel bar horizontally and crossed vertically with 6mm twisted high carbon mild steel bar. This gives the panels exceptional strength with durability.
  • Panels have a structurally engineered fully welded angle system that increases the structural integrity of the panel by 60%.
  • Independently tested in line with BSEN 15312 – 2010
  • The panels are secured to 100 x 100mm x 3mm thick high carbon mild steel posts with a tamper proof, stainless security coach bolt and a dome security cap to prevent theft, vandalism and fire damage. These fit into the fully welded 6mm high carbon mild steal adjustable lugs.
  • Precise manufacture process for millimetre accurate tolerances, eliminating any safety issues whatsoever
  • British manufactured with all of our materials sourced locally
  • Our products made with as much as 60% recycled materials
  • Gates and chicane entrances are designed to allow easy access for wheelchairs
  • Virtually maintenance free

Sound Tested

We are proud to say our ballcourts have been tested to ensure the lowest sound levels possible and therefore meets World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for community noise.

The 8mm neoprene noise isolator pads guarantee low resonance to
defend against any unwanted movement and sound discharge.

Unlike strainer posts that are only fitted to the corners of panels our unique panel-to-post fixing strips genuinely prevent reverberation often experienced on long lines of fencing as well as strengthening the panel’s rigidity.


Sport ZONE











Ambient noise level 44dbA. Readings taken above ambient noise.


All our panels are hot dipped galvanised to BS1461 then primed with Interzinc 72 which is a two coat component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primer, designed to provide excellent corrosion resistance both as a single coat and as a primer for high performance coating system. Contains 90% zinc by weight in the dry film.

The finishing coat is Interpon 610. Interpon 610 is a series of polyester powder coatings, formulated without the use of TGIC, designed purposely for the exterior environment, offering excellent light and weather resistance from a single coat finish on a variety of substrates.

Delivery of Quality in Our Products

Park Leisure is primarily focused on the manufacture of quality products with over 25 years’ experience within the industry. We are a UK manufacturer and able to respond to the needs of the market without compromising quality. This is evident with our compliance to ISO 9001 and
ISO 14001.

Park Leisure is a key supplier to many playground companies throughout the UK. Our product quality is an important part of delivering our projects as we have the capacity to provide bespoke designs to meet any requirements.