Outdoor Gyms

Urbanix has a unique patented piston outdoor gym system that allows users to control the resistance. It ensures that the right challenge is set for the right level of the user. Traditional gym systems rely on body weight to provide resistance, an inherent problem. Urbanix overcomes this with adjustable resistance providing a safe, motivating way to build body strength and fitness.

Outdoor Gym Urbanix Resistance Dial Photo 02Durability / Quality / Robustness
Urbanix outdoor gym equipment is manufactured using 4mm steel all galvanised and powder coated. All fixings are stainless steel and anti-vandal.

Double Sided Variable Resistance
8 Adjustable patented resistance levels from 5-80kg.

Real Gym
Constant, controlled and progressive resistance.

Maximum Safety

Outdoor Gym QR Code Video Link Still 01Safety Stop Piston, zero touch point, internal stoppers, controlled motion.

New, simple and fresh urban design.

Superior Build Quality
Complete galvanization, stainless screws, chrome casted pins, monolithic piston.

Seating System
Soft and comfortable seats, with extra durable characteristics.

Outdoor Gym Real Gym Development PhotoHandles
High end, extra-long, soft EPDM/aluminium caps with fire resistant and anti-UV additives.

Simple level surface installation, no fall height risk.

15 hydraulic +5 cardio +10 static designs for each muscle group and all ages.

Instruction Plates
Virtual Trainer Videos (QR CODE) and clear instructions on each machine.

Social Integration
Attracts both the enthusiastic and beginners.

40% thicker coating with a 5 year warranty against corrosion.