Multi-use Game Areas

Primary Spaces Ballcourt

Primary Spaces Ballcourt

As Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) take a pounding we have tested ours to the highest standards. With ours you are getting a ballcourt that will stand the test of time and take whatever is thrown, or kicked, at it.

Neoprene noise isolators are fitted as standard to ensure the lowest levels of sound. The combination of British steel with highly durable UV protected paint results in the heaviest panels on the market giving you a quality that is worth the investment. We always recommend that you consider the amount of steel used per panel when deciding which supplier to use, as in this case the more really is the better for strength.

We only use stainless steel fixings so your ballcourt will not suffer from rust streaks down the post or on the surface.

At our large manufacturing facility based in Kent we have streamlined our production process to allow us to create MUGAs of any size, any colour and any formation without requiring any extra lead time. We have created a range of MUGAs demonstrating some of the possibilities with different features we have to offer.