Interactive Sport

With the demand for encouraging fitness in the UK at an all-time high, Park Leisure excited about bringing interactive sport to the world of fitness.

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Sutu – Interactive Sport

Sutu is a revolutionary innovation. It is an interactive wall which can be used for training of all kinds of ball games. The Sutu stimulates children and adults to play actively outdoors rather than hanging out in front of the computer or TV. In a constantly changing world, the way children play needs to evolve. Sutu is keeping up with this new play world and combines all the positive points of gaming (excitement, competition, gaining levels…) with all the good aspects of playing outside (social development, healthy exercise, neighbourhood involvement). Playing with Sutu guarantees that you get plenty of exercise, keeping children and adults healthy and fit. That’s how the Sutu helps combat health issues such as obesity. The challenges and ongoing encouragement throughout the games ensures players get a full cardio workout. Gaining a new high score means a lot of hard work but also a great deal of satisfaction. Plus, it’s even better when you do it with a friend.

Durable Materials

Sutu has been carefully compiled from quality materials and has successfully passed many tests. These have included resistance to violent impacts, vibrations and temperature variations, among others.

The Games

Spot Sutu gives you the possibility to setup your own competitions to make the challenge even bigger. Over the years, new games will be developed, and this will keep Sutu attractive.

Remote Controlled

Sutu wall can be remotely controlled. With a few simple clicks you can easily adjust the settings. The Sutu also gives you valuable feedback about its users. Sutu is connected to the internet via 3G (wireless, in the same way as mobile phones). Log in to the remote control website and with a few clicks you can adjust settings like audio volume, the on/off time schedule and select the active games on the Sutu. Problems can be detected online and often be solved quickly and simply without a technician being required. The user statistics can also be managed through the same website. How often and how long is the Sutu used and which game is most popular?

Toro – Interactive Sport

The Toro is a colourful and multifunctional sports field, whereby traditional goals have been replaced with interactive panels. The field contains 4 interactive goals and a game console. The goals contain vivid LED lights and audio speakers, which light up and interact with the players every time a goal is scored. Players are encouraged to play the various games in whichever way they please. Technology and Online Control The field communicates through vivid LED lighting and sound. Lights and sound effects stimulate and encourage players when scoring goals, and explain new games. Toro is connected to the internet (3G), which means it can be remotely controlled by the owner. You can adjust its operating and shut-down times, volume, and much more. You can even see real-time, past usage and comparative statistics.


The Toro comes with 5 games pre-installed, and 10 games to freely rotate as you desire. New games are continuously released, and automatically uploaded – free of charge – through its internet connection! Research Centre of Motor Movement Scientific research into motor movement and development shows that the engagement and interactivity of Toro are found highly enjoyable by children. After playing only once, most kids continue to revisit the field on a daily basis.


The educative gaming concept of the Memo combines technology with play; education with exercise. Fun is the number one priority with Memo, but this doesn’t mean it can’t teach them something in the process. Kids collaborate, learn social skills, and even practice math in a playful and stimulating manner.

Outside Gaming

Outside ‘Gaming’ with the Yalp Memo meets the desires of the new generation. Pure fun and play is of foremost importance, while certain games also contain educative elements. Memo contains a circular surfacing and 7 interactive pillars, equipped with touch-sensitive LED touchscreens.

Memo Customised

The Memo is delivered as standard with blue pilars and a black-and-white play carpet. However, the playset can be visually customised to your needs and wishes. Our design team will take care of everything!

Numerous Games

Memo works intuitively. Simple instructions with hints and encouragement help children well on their way. All games contain a perfect mix of fun, exercise and learning. The openly interpretable rules stimulate children to play numerous games with unlimited variation.


Playing with energy, human power! Isn’t that special? The players themselves generate the electricity needed to power up and play a selection of movement based activities. Start with a workout. Keep working the foot pedal until the GameNetic tells you to stop. Now, let the games begin! The GameNetic is a game console designed specifically for the public space. The pillar, provided with a foot pedal, two buttons and a display, is very safe and user-friendly. The score is obtained and determined by a clever combination of reaction time and the number of correct answers. This makes the GameNetic suitable for younger users. The constantly varying questions and tasks provide long-lasting fun. Speed, memory and numeracy skills are all covered. The combination of light and sound will make children experience the real game feeling.