Sport & Fitness

Exercise and general fitness is key to keeping people healthy. Park Leisure’s sport and fitness range encompasses all the key elements required for encouraging exercise in the community. With a selection of ballcourts, outdoor gym equipment and interactive games we can tailor make a sports area that is suited to your locals.

When it comes to designing a MUGA there is no one size fits all, as every community, sports club or leisure space will have a unique need. Park Leisure has been delivering ball courts for 25 years and has developed a 3 tier system to help you find the right product to fit your budget.

Park Leisure ball courts are synonymous with quality and flexibility and are a popular choice all over the world, even as far afield as Australia!

Sport Zone
Our strongest mesh panel, weighing in at 46kg for a 2m x 1m panel, is the most robust option available on the market. Fitted with neoprene noise reduction pads, any sound resulting from impact on the fence will be isolated. The mesh formation produces the most true rebound on the market allowing for better control. They are also available with the unique feature of curved corners to continue competitive play for longer.

Game Zone
Every location is different and that is why we understand and treat every ballcourt  differently. Our hybrid option allows you to use a mixture of both our heavy duty  Sport ZONE panels and our super rebound  Play ZONE panels. Whether you want heavier duty panels on the sides, ends or just the goal area we can meet your needs.

Play Zone
Designed with mixed mesh apertures, the lower panels have high density mesh for maximum strength in the contact areas. The sound dampening fixings greatly reduce noise generated bounce against the panels. Super rebound will improve street style football techniques.