Play Solutions

Our playground ranges offer extremely versatile multi-activity play that appeals to all age groups. Its clever combination of entertainment and space keeps overall safer surfacing costs to a minimum without compromising either play value or safety.

Multiplay units are quite simply the heart of every good playground combining platforms, events and links of varying difficulties. Available in standard specifications or customised designs to suit budget, play requirement or environment. Each range offers a combination of activities to stimulate children physically, visually, socially, creatively and educationally.

Park Leisure’s spinning play equipment is known across the industry as one of the best. In particular, the Kidabout is seen as the ultimate solution to inclusivity in the world of park rotators. Its flush surface finish gives a smooth transition and enough space for wheelchair users and carers at the same time.

The reliability of our swings is seen by the fact that they appear in parks up and down the UK and have been bought by competitors in the past because they know of their robustness.