Vauxhall Avenue MUGA

  • RangeDesign & Installation
  • Budget£40,000
  • Completion2015

Our Solution

We met Sue Hogben (East Kent Housing) at the site to walk through and truly understand what the area required. Once this was done the information was passed to our skilled design department whom created a 3D representation and CAD plan to give both a true visual and informative document.

We kept noise levels down with the installation of our Sport Zone spec panels which feature noise isolators that suppress sound to the lowest levels of resonance on the market. This is strengthened with panel-to-post strips that prevent reverberation often experienced on long lines of fencing.

Delivery of Quality in our Service

We pride ourselves in having the highest quality of service. This is why we only use experienced contractors that undergo a review scheme to ensure upmost quality is delivered every time. As a UK based company we can back this up with a after-sales team that can swiftly remedy any issues in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Being a Kent based manufacturer Park Leisure were able to reduce the carbon footprint of the whole job to help East Kent Housing meet their low emissions target.


Multi Use Games Area

Project Background

East Kent Housing approached Park Leisure regarding the potential project of replacing old mesh fencing with a heavy duty ballcourt that could withstand high levels of use whilst minimising disturbances to local residents.

Key Requirements

  • 3m high ballcourt
  • Allow for football and basketball
  • Low noise levels - located in a residential area
  • Strong panels that will last
  • Entrance gates on either side
  • Refurbish surfacing


Customer Feedback

When the MUGA was fully installed we met with Sue Hogben on site and walked her around the ballcourt to show her our work. She was very impressed by the true rebound panels and posts stating ...

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