• RangeDesign & Installation
  • Budget£47,000
  • Completion2015

Our Solution

As the site is a narrow tarmac pad we created a design that enables a good flow from one ramp to another whilst allowing lots of users to ride the ramps at the same time.

Our expert designers made sure the park is fully compliant with EN 14974 to ensure it is as safe to use as possible.


Steel wheeled sports ramp with smooth transitions

Project Background

Aylesford Parish Council got in touch with Urban Ramps regarding the existing skate park in Eccles. It was becoming tired and had clearly passed its prime. The council had repaired it several times over the years so decided to stop repairing and start replacing, ideally in time for the summer holidays. The council chose us because of our extensive guarantees, quality of product and understanding of requirements.

Key Requirements

Due to the state of the existing park we were able to treat the project as a blank canvas and for this reason we felt it was important to speak with the locals that would be using the park in order to truly understand what they wanted. This was a great opportunity that allowed us to show them some potential elements that they may have previously been unaware of.


Customer Feedback

Aylesford Parish Council Clerk, Neil Harris, was very happy with the entire process from the early stages of consultation, through design and onto installation. The fact that local people were involved from the beginning meant the park would be more respected and looked after. During installation many of the locals were calling up eager to find out when they would be able to use the park.

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